Hello 2022!

Well hello again! It has been almost an entire year since I’ve published a GHN blog post! The year 2021 was a year dedicated to getting my business, Georgia Haas Nutrition LLC, off the ground. So the blog definitely took the back burner for a while there. But I’m back! Now that my business is running smoothly and life has settled down a bit, I’m excited to be bringing back regular blog posts. While I won’t be posting as frequently as I once did, I am committed to posting on a monthly basis. I will be back to discussing current issues and ideas related to nutrition, sustainability, fitness, and wellness – so stay tuned!

I want to hear what you would like to read about in the coming posts. Leave me a comment or click the “contact” button above to reach out and share what you’d be interested in!

Happy New Year loyal readers and welcome back!

2 responses to “Hello 2022!”

  1. Welcome back, and Happy New Year!

    I always enjoy your posts and would look forward to anything, but I have two thoughts. A topic I’ve found interesting is the nutritional root cause of different symptoms. For example, cramps in the arch of your foot may represent a magnesium deficiency, lightheadedness could be due to low sodium/magnesium, or cystic acne may be due to a dairy sensitivity. I experienced all of the above for years before a dietician gave me some suggestions and a biochem lesson.

    Second, I saw that Millennials are seeing their health decline faster than the previous generation (hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, hyperactivity, etc.), which begs the question, what are we doing wrong? Maybe processed food, high stress, or low-nutrient meals? It would be interesting to hear your perspective as a dietician.

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