Introducing Georgia Haas Nutrition!

Hello loyal readers! I have an extremely exciting announcement to share with you all. As you might’ve already noticed, I have changed the name of my website to I have also slightly changed the layout of my site. And the reason for this is because I am starting my own virtual nutrition private practice!!! Now that I am officially a registered dietitian with my master’s degree in nutrition, I am extremely excited to start this new chapter.

What I Do

At Georgia Haas Nutrition, I work with women who have tried dieting in the past with little to no success, are sick of constantly stressing and obsessing about what they eat, need some guidance and accountability to reach their happiest weight, and want to feel confident in their body and their food choices. Using my nutrition background, I help my clients to achieve their nutritional goals and reach their happy weight by creating healthy, sustainable habits and routines that work with their lifestyle.

Why I Do It

If you have struggled with your weight and with dieting in the past, please know that I have been where you are. I have experienced the rollercoaster of chronic dieting, and have seen how it can wreak havoc on my health and my relationship with food. Throughout my educational career, I have learned how to reach my happy weight using realistic and lasting methods, while enjoying food more than I ever thought possible. Because of this, it is my mission to help other women who are in the same position I was several years ago.

How To Join

Does it sound like my program is what you need? To learn more, click on the “Work With Me” tab or click here to fill out my client application and get started on the journey to a healthier you today! I would love to work with you! Have friends or family members who are looking for a lasting solution to their nutrition struggles? Send them my way! I look forward to hearing from you!

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