B.GOOD is a Budding East Coast Eatery You Shouldn’t Miss

I constantly hear people talk about how great it is to eat locally. But so few individuals are actually able to follow through with that statement and eat locally-sourced foods themselves. Luckily, for all of us East Coasters, there’s a budding place called B.good. The first time I stepped into one of these quirky little eateries, I instantly fell in love. Here are some reasons why.

They Use Seasonal, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

When I see that a restaurant uses seasonal ingredients, I instantly assume that they know what they’re doing. Buying seasonally is beneficial for so many reasons. Obviously, it’s cheaper, since the food is more abundant at the time of purchase. But it’s also better for the planet, and for our bodies as well. B.good supports local farmers by purchasing their food, rather than that of huge agriculture companies. This is significantly better for the environment and also improves the local economy.

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Our bodies are designed to consume foods that are available to us in the current climate. According to Japanese medicine, the foods we eat affect how our bodies prepare for the climate outside.  Food harvested seasonally have also been known to be more nutrient-dense. Storing food for too long can reduce the nutrients present. Additionally, the more local the food, the less likely your food will become contaminated on the way. (Yay for food safety!) And if you still need more convincing, locally sourced, seasonally foods are generally fresher and more flavorful than foods that aren’t.

They Offer Nutritious, Well-Rounded Meals

One thing that B.good prides themselves on is the fact that they do not design their menu around fad food trends. I love this, especially since debunking fad diets is one of my favorite things to do. (To see some of my fad diet discoveries, check here and here!) They don’t try to eliminate random food groups or nutrients. Instead, they add copious amounts of fruits and vegetables to dishes you would never imagine could have so many.

They also offer a long list protein add-ins, including eggs, turkey, tofu, beef, and chicken. And one of my personal favorites, they use whole grain rolls, rather than white rolls from refined grains, on all of their burgers and sandwiches. What more could we ask for?

Their Food Is Delicious And Flavorful

Who would’ve thought that food this healthy could be so amazing? When I first walked into B.good and ordered a dish packed with vegetables and superfoods, I was a little bit skeptical as to how it would taste. It takes a certain kind of talent to fit all those wonderful foods into a dish while also adding a flavor that is just right. And luckily, B.good has perfected this skill of blending nutrition and flavor. Each and every dish has just the right amount of add-ons that come together to form an amazing meal.

It’s Real Food, Fast

Photo Courtesy of http://www.bgood.ca

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a healthy meal on the go? The fast food market has been seriously disappointing over the past few decades, so here’s to hoping it’s making a comeback. B.good is not only great because of its broad food selection, but also because you can get all of these foods and still make it back to work/class/wherever in a decent amount of time. This place is quickly helping to revolutionize the fast food industry into something we actually want to be a part of.

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So if you find yourself on the East Coast and looking for something healthy, delicious, and fast, head on over to B. good. You won’t be disappointed!

(Note: This article was written 100% by me, Georgia. However I first published it as a Spoon University article.)

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  1. Love love love B.good! It started in Boston and am so happy they’ve been successful enough to expand outside MA! Love too that they vary their “fast food” menu based on seasonal foods 😋

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